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25 Feb 2021
Fairfield operates a two-week timetable, details of which will be in your child’s planner. This panel will show you which week we are currently on and allow you to check future dates.

Equipment and Smart Start

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Students will need a sturdy school bag in which to carry everything they need for the day.

Every student is expected to have the following basic items of equipment:
  • Black or blue ball point pen (and a spare)
  • Pencil, pencil sharpener and pencil eraser
  • Coloured pencils/felt tips
  • Pair of compasses, protractor and ruler
  • Calculator
  • Glue stick

Equipment in bold will be checked daily for SmartStart. Additionally, students will be expected to have their planners and reading books with them.


Smart Start - being ready to learnSmartStart – ensures that each student is ready and prepared to learn each day.

  • All students will be checked in Form Period:
    – Students will stand behind their chairs
    – Equipment is to be laid out on the desk in front.
    – Uniform will also be checked.
  • Any students who do not achieve the requirements for Smart Start will be placed in school detention at lunchtime and details recorded on SIMs.
  • Students who achieve Smart Start will be awarded housepoints and postcards sent home for regular achievement.