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18 Jan 2021
Fairfield operates a two-week timetable, details of which will be in your child’s planner. This panel will show you which week we are currently on and allow you to check future dates.

Uniform and equipment

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School uniform is compulsory and is designed to be practical and comfortable and to meet requirements of Health and Safety.

All students are expected to wear the following:
Years 7 to 10 Year 11 Not permitted
Fairfield polo shirt White shirt and school tie for boys
White blouse for girls
Any other variation
Green Fairfield school jumper Navy Fairfield school jumper Any other variation
Plain black tailored trousers without adornment (eg studs/external zip etc). A plain black narrow belt may be worn if necessary.

When trousers are laid flat, the hems should measure at least 20 cm from seam to seam (ie 40 cm all the way round) and not more than 25cm.


Plain black tailored skirt on or near the knee.
Any other variation, for example:
  • Cord or jeans / jeans style – including “patch pockets” pockets.
  • Lycra trousers (eg “Miss Sexy”)
  • Skinny leg / leggings / jeggings / cigarette pants / capri pants / tapered ankle styles, etc
  • Lycra skirts
  • Pleated skirts
  • Skater / tight pencil / short skirts
Black flat shoes suitable for walking around a rural site. Heel height maximum 5 cm

During periods of bad weather we allow students to wear black boots under trousers (not tucked in and not with skirts)
  • Backless or open toed footwear
  • Trainers / “daps” / heavy work boots etc are not acceptable
Students should have a warm and waterproof coat.
  • Coats with bright colours, pictures or logos
  • Hooded sweatshirts / jackets

JEWELLERY is not allowed at school, except for one small plain stud in each ear lobe, and a watch.
No other body piercing is allowed.

HAIRSTYLE and colour should be appropriate for a school/work environment.

MAKEUP should be kept to a minimum. Hair must be tied back for all practical subjects.