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"Students take their learning very seriously. They believe everybody has the right to learn, and they manage their own behaviour, and that of others. Students recognise the positive contribution learning and good behaviour has to their school and adult life and work.
Students display excellent attitudes to learning. They behave exceptionally well around the school. They show high levels of respect and courtesy towards each other and to their teachers and other staff. There is an exceptionally positive learning atmosphere throughout the school."
Ofsted 2013

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Year 11 Study Skills

There will be a study skills session for YR 11 students on Friday March 6th ready to motivate them for their GCSE revision over the next few months.
The session will be run by Bright Futures Experience and is a study skills programme that aims to guide students on an exciting voyage of discovery about themselves and how they learn.
The programme will help students discover the secret of true motivation and learn the skills they need to succeed, by establishing good study techniques and learning habits.
Students will be armed with the knowledge and understanding needed to turn their revision and learning into a much more meaningful and even fun process. They will get the opportunity to work in teams, anticipating what working life will be like; enjoy dynamic, stimulating and fun challenges that develop personal learning skills; take part in kinaesthetic activities, which encourage team working and communication, as well as problem-solving tasks that require lateral thinking and imaginative approaches.

Think U Know???...

The Internet is without doubt a revolutionary means of communication and source of information. We encourage you to use it widely but we are also very keen to ensure you are aware of the dangers of giving away information about yourself to the stalking online predators who exist to prey on vulnerable and often naive Internet users. You are guided in school by teachers and the website Think U Know? is an excellent source of information and reassurance about online activity. Please visit it and show your parents this page which will explain a lot to them too.

Local Weather Forecast

This is probably the most up-to-date place to help you plan those outdoor activities, especially as the weather is rather strange...

"This is an outstanding school. At its last inspection, it was outstanding in all main categories. Since then it has significantly improved not just in respect of the areas for development identified in that inspection but also in terms of major developments to its educational provision for pupils and in the response that these have generated." - OfSTED

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