The Fairfield High School Admissions Policy follows the procedure laid down by the Local Authority and can be found on our policy page if you require further detail.

  • Applications must be made by 31st October for entry to Year 7 in the following September.
  • Application packs will be sent out from the Local Authority to parents and carers of all children in year 6, explaining the application process.
  • On March 1st, parents/carers will be notified which school place is being offered to their child.

There is an appeals process following notification; information regarding how to appeal will be sent out by the Local Authority.

Parents/carers are strongly advised to read all the information regarding admissions sent out by the Local Authority and to ensure that they have submitted both the correct form and any additional information or supporting evidence in advance of the deadline.

If you are applying to transfer your child from another secondary school, please contact  School Admissions at the Local Authority in the first instance at