Careers & Enterprise

Useful Websites for Parents

The following websites can be used to research possible careers and explore ideas about your next step.  It may offer ideas about which subjects to study in further education, particularly as some careers need specific qualifications. Some careers will also require a university degree whilst it is an option for others. There is also a lot of information about apprenticeships/degree apprenticeships.

This has good, detailed job information sheets. Login and use the password: foeshi64– this is free to access in school, or at home. Start by using Job Groups and the A-Z. You could also try ‘Career Wizard’ to give you some ideas. Eclips information.



Use this to look for apprenticeship vacancies – both locally and nationwide. Be careful of closing dates. You apply on line and will need to login and create a password/account.


This is a really good site for seeing things as they really are. You can watch a 5 minute video of people working in a particular industry and find out how they got their job, and the training required. There is also some detailed LMI (Labour Market Information) available, which tells you where jobs are available geographically, and what you would earn.

The main university application site, but also useful for viewing the range of degrees available and their entry requirements. Information on Degree Apprenticeships is also included.

If you would like an appointment with Mrs Dee Water, careers advisor, you can make one via your form tutor or Mrs Hart.

Post 16 opportunities

For more information from your chosen Post 16 provider, please click on the links below.