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Careers Programme


Year Careers and Enterprise theme PSHE content  
7 What jobs could I do?


‘You Choose’ Careers, different jobs, what key ‘qualities’ are required. Saving/borrowing.

• about a broad range of careers and the abilities and qualities required for different careers


• how to challenge stereotypes, broaden their horizons and how to identify future career aspirations

• about the link between values and career choices

• how to identify personal strengths and areas for development

• how to be enterprising, including skills of problem-solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, risk-management, and creativity

• about equality of opportunity

• how to improve study skills

• basics of finance, difference between saving and borrowing



Form time activities.

STEM/subject links.

Eclips and iCould.

Careers Week.

8 My Future


Creating a ‘Futures magazine’, exploring different careers, featuring role models, interviews, money advice

• about equality of opportunity in life and work


• how to challenge stereotypes and discrimination in relation to work and pay

• about employment, self-employment and voluntary work

• how to set aspirational goals for future careers and challenge expectations that limit choices

• role models – female/LGBTQ+

• Ex Fairfield High School students #madeatFairfield

• How to share information to younger students



Form time activities.

STEM/subject links.

Eclips and iCould.

Armed services STEM workshop.

CIAEG interview by referral.

Careers Week.

9 Setting goals


Learning strengths, career options, goal setting building on the GCSE options process, ‘Futures Game’ for pathways and impact.

• skills for enterprise and employability


• how to give and act upon constructive feedback

• how to manage their ‘personal brand’ online

• habits and strategies to support progress

• how to identify and access support for concerns relating to life

• online

• about transferable skills, abilities and interests

• how to demonstrate strengths

• about balancing work, leisure, exercise and sleep

• how to make informed healthy eating choices

• about different types of employment and career pathways

• how to manage feelings relating to future employment

• how to work towards aspirations and set meaningful, realistic goals for the future



Form time activities.

STEM/subject links.

Eclips and iCould.

CIAEG appointments by referral (CLA, SEND).

Options evening.

Careers Evening.

Careers Detective Event.

Mock Trial.

Careers Week.

10 Creating the best ‘future’


Money & Morals

· how to effectively budget and evaluate savings options


· how to prevent and manage debt, including understanding credit rating and pay day lending

· how thinking errors, e.g. gambler’s fallacy, can increase susceptibility to gambling

· strategies for managing influences related to gambling, including

· online

· about the relationship between gambling and debt

· about the law and illegal financial activities, including fraud and cybercrime

· how to manage risk in relation to financial activities

· how do we ‘use’ money, consider its impact on actions

· how to evaluate strengths and interests in relation to career development

· about opportunities in learning and work

· strategies for overcoming challenges or adversity

· about responsibilities in the workplace

· how to maintain a positive personal presence online

· how data is generated, collected and shared, and the influence of targeted advertising



Form time activities.

STEM/subject links.

Eclips and iCould.

CIAEG appointments by referral (CLA, SEND).

Careers Evening.

University visit.

Careers week.

Three Colleges Visit. 

Business Enterprise. 

11 Building for the future


Application processes, and skills for further education, employment and career progression

• how to manage the judgement of others and challenge stereotyping


• how to balance ambition and unrealistic expectations

• how to develop self-efficacy, including motivation, perseverance and resilience

• how to maintain a healthy self-concept

• about the nature, causes and effects of stress

• stress management strategies, including maintaining healthy sleep habits

• about positive and safe ways to create content online and the opportunities this offers

• how to balance time online

• how to use feedback constructively when planning for the future

• how to set and achieve SMART targets

• effective revision techniques and strategies

• about options post-16 and career pathways

• about application processes, including writing CVs, personal statements and interview technique

• how to maximise employability, including managing online presence and taking opportunities to broaden experience

• about rights, responsibilities and challenges in relation to working part-time whilst studying

• how to manage work/life balance



Form time activities.

STEM/subject links.

Eclips and iCould.

CIAEG appointments.

Careers Evening.


Hereford Sixth Form experience day.

C.V. writing.

Mock interviews.

Careers week.

Study Skills sessions.