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Religious Studies & Ethics

Religious Studies is approached through enquiry, critical thinking and reflection. In Years 7 – 10, Religious Studies is part of an integrated course which includes citizenship, British values, relationships and sex education and careers. The curriculum has been devised to develop a broader and deeper understanding of beliefs and ideas and their impact upon society. Students will study religious beliefs of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims. They are encouraged to engage with moral and philosophical questions and to ponder different responses which enable each student to develop their own personal values, opinions and attitudes.

In addition, we deliver the statutory relationships and sex education, careers and citizenship encouraging our students to become informed and caring members of an increasingly diverse and tolerant society.  Some students may be offered the opportunity sit short course RS GCSE in Year 10.  In Year 11 the curriculum is taught via longer blocks of time in strategic points during the year, to prepare our students to step into the wider world.