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School Council

Fairfield School Council

What is the School Council?

Fairfield School Council provides opportunity for students to be involved in whole school projects, influence policy and process and ensure that all student voice is represented.

Fairfield School Council is made up of representatives from each form in every year group. Students wishing to be part of the school council nominate themselves before being voted in by their form.

Class elections are held every year with representatives holding the post for the academic year.

School Council is supported through form time and form tutors and led by Miss Batner.

Being a School Council Member

As a member of the School Council, students are expected to attend at least 2 meetings a term and ensure that their form is updated and involved in any projects that are being developed. School council members will also take ideas and suggestions from their forms to discuss at meetings.

School Council also meets with Mrs Gaston, Head Teacher, once a term.

School Council members are also responsible for ensuring there is a School Council notice area in their form room.

There may also be opportunity for school council members to represent Fairfield students when presenting ideas to Mrs Gaston and the Senior Leadership Team or to other schools and organisations.

School Council is actively be involved in developing projects within the school community or helping to raise awareness of local/national events and charities.

KS4 School Council members are also expected to take on specific roles within the council, such as chairperson or secretary, and support students in KS3.

What is the School Council involved with?

  • Consulted by school leaders to put forward ideas and opinions about issues that may affect students in the school community, such as developing the Wellbeing Policy.
  • Participate in student panels for interviewing new staff.
  • Part of a countywide consultation with young people aged 11-25 called P.O.V with Rural Media about their views on Herefordshire as a county.
  • Part of a local community consultation with Peterchurch Hub about projects and facilities for young people in the Golden Valley.
  • Part of a survey to support Student Wellbeing during the Covid pandemic
  • Developing ideas for legacy projects
  • Developing the Forest Classroom and Wellbeing project.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming part of the school council or would like to share your ideas and opinions with your school council representative, please talk to your form tutor.

If you would like to work with the school council as part of a project or for consultation purposes, please speak to Miss Batner.